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Terms and conditions


These general conditions of sale apply to all sales made on the Champagne JARRY HERITAGE website.

The site, housed at this same URL, is an online sales and presentation service for the Champagne JARRY HERITAGE brand owned by the EARL Goldvine company.



Article 1 - Principles

These general conditions of sale express all the obligations of the parties, the rights and obligations of the company EARL GOLDVINE and its customers in the context of the sale of the following goods: Champagnes and their packaging.

These conditions only apply to purchases made exclusively in mainland France or Corsica. For deliveries to French overseas departments and territories or abroad; please contact us using the "contact" form

Any service provided by EARL GOLDVINE implies the buyer's unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale. The Seller reserves the right to modify them; they will be applicable as soon as they are posted online and will prevail, if necessary over any other version or any other contradictory document.

The French version of our general conditions of sale available on our site prevails over any other version translated into another language.

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Article 2 - Product information and intellectual property.

The visuals of the site do not enter into the contractual field. The responsibility of the company EARL GOLDVINE can not be engaged if errors are introduced. All texts and images presented on the site of the company EARL GOLDVINE are reserved, for the whole world, under copyright and intellectual property rights; their reproduction, even partial, is strictly prohibited.

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Article 3 - Pre-contractual information and product prices

All of the essential characteristics of the products are presented in the “Shop” section. The price is included therein, including all taxes, other charges, if any. The costs relating to transport or other costs will be visible in the basket section.

The products are offered for sale while stocks last. The buyer will be informed of any unavailability of one or more references as soon as possible, The customer will be offered a refund or a longer delivery time than that announced during the order awaiting replenishment.

The company EARL GOLDVINE reserves the right to modify its prices at any time but the products ordered are invoiced at the price in force when the order is recorded.

No discount will be granted for early payment.

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Article 4 - Order

The customer validates his order when he activates the link "Confirm your order"

For the order to be validated, the buyer must accept the general conditions of sale by clicking on the place indicated. He must also choose the address and the delivery method and finally validate the payment method.

The order will be considered as acquired following receipt of the full price and the EARL GOLDVINE company confirming the order by email; this information includes all the elements of the order.

In some cases such as default of payment, address or customer account; the company EARL GOLDVINE reserves the right to suspend the order.

The data recorded by the company EARL GOLDVINE constitute proof of the nature, content and date of the order. This is archived by the company EARL GOLDVINE under the legal conditions and deadlines; the customer can access this archive by contacting us.

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Article 5 - Method of payment

Payment for orders is made by credit card.

When recording the order, the buyer must pay the full amount of his order.

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Article 6 - Delivery

All products are delivered without any guarantee as to time. The delivery deadline varies depending on the address, availability and accuracy of delivery information provided by the customer. The indicative delivery time is 5 working days.

Transport costs may be offered from a certain amount depending on the destination, EARL GOLDVINE reserves the right to revise its commercial transport policy.

The transport costs include insurance against theft and possible breakage of the goods. In order to protect the merchandise, any order greater than 6 boxes travels per pallet under a marked tamper-evident guarantee band. In case of deterioration of the tape, the recipient must immediately notify the delivery driver and make the corresponding reservations on the receipt provided by the latter. Any subsequent request will be considered inadmissible, and the recipient will assume full responsibility for any damage suffered. In the event of a non-compliant delivery, the customer will be offered a return of the missing or damaged units after proven proof of the deterioration.

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Article 7 - Customer relations - After-sales service

For any information, question or complaint, the customer can contact from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm by telephone, by post to the address below or via the "contact" form.

Address :


14 Grande Rue



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Article 8 - Periods of withdrawal

You have a statutory withdrawal period of 14 days upon receipt of your order.

You must contact customer service to inform them of your refund request within 14 days

You can request reimbursement by returning the ordered packages to you at the following address:

Champagne Jean Pascal JARRY & Fils

14 Grande Rue


EARL GOLDVINE reserves the right to refund only if the packages return in their original packaging, sealed with their original guarantee strip. Any open order, even partially, cannot be refunded.

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Article 9 Force Majeure

All circumstances of force majeure beyond the control of the parties coming to hinder the proper execution of the GTCS are considered to be grounds for exemption from the obligations of the parties and lead to their suspension.

Article 10 Protection of personal data.

Personal data is collected when the order is placed for the smooth running of the delivery.

Last name

First name

Postal and email address and additional address

Phone number

Personal data may be transmitted to our transport partners

The website implements all the necessary measures to protect your data in accordance with the GDPR.


Article 11 - Rules relating to sponsorship

Sponsorship codes may vary and override the previous sponsorship conditions. The sponsor is a client of the brand who has already made purchases on our site or who are part of the EARL GOLDVINE clientele.

The sponsorship code provides the sponsor with a discount in different form limited in time only if the sponsor triggers the conditions for obtaining it.

The Godfather and the Godson cannot be the same person or be part of the same household. It is not possible to sponsor an existing customer.

The sponsorship function cannot be carried out by or for a third person. The violation of one of these conditions entails the cancellation of the benefits of the sponsorship.

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Article 12- Coupons and reduction.

The Discovery Pack reduction coupon gives any new customer a 10 € coupon for any next online order of a quantity greater than or equal to 12 bottles. It can only be used once and only by the household that has the coupon code.

Payment Methods
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