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Little is known about the great aptitude of Champagne wines to age, however, we wine-makers, we watched over our bottles for several years before offering them to you. The temperature and hygrometry conditions of our cellars, our mastery of aging times "on slats" then "on tip" allow us to offer champagnes to the peak multitudes in all timelessness.

Blend: 100% Chardonnay.

Organoleptic style:

L'Intemporelle, with its 5 years of aging, offers a surprising freshness, only a few notes of dried fruits, toasted almonds and dried flowers indicate the aging effect of this decidedly timeless cuvée.


In stainless steel vats, the wines are chosen for their aptitude to age

Aging in the cellar: over 60 months

Dosage: 6 g / L
Food and Champagne pairing: Lamb shank with morels, white meats, salmon with capers.

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